Our Story

Ever since we started in 2007, we have remained the same, keeping our competence and service quality impeccable and steadfast. Like the 'Old Reliable' we have maintained our strengths and dependability through the same level of service and devotion. What started as a vision of superlative enterprise solutions by our esteemed team that has been growing constantly adapting to newer technologies and industry requirements? When we sit back and look back at the decade, we find ourselves happy but definitely not overtly so, as we still find ourselves looking forward to newer adventures.

APCO is recognized throughout the industry for constantly scaling the limits of today’s technology so that our clients never have to choose between saving money and acquiring the capabilities they need to be successful. We always find solutions to enable our customers to do things they couldn’t do before at a speed they never thought possible. We partner with industry giants to create the most efficient and cost-effective solutions optimized for their needs, and to deliver and support them all across IRAQ.

We offer the highest quality of equipment and after sales service to our customers. Our suppliers & manufacturers have always considered us as an integral part of their operations and success in this region and thus have not limited our sales to our primary markets. Our company is associated with some of the major names in the fields listed above,

Such As:
  • BOSCH Communication
  • BOSCH Security Systems
  • DYNACORD for Audio Equipment
  • ELECTRO-VOICE (EV) for Audio Equipments
  • YAMAHA Musical Equipment
  • KORG Musical Instruments
  • SHURE Audio Equipment and Microphones
  • EDIBON for Technical Labs
  • Acer for computers, Laptops, PC's & Data show…etc.
  • Dell and HP for Servers, Laptops, Pc's, Printers, Scanners…etc
  • Imation for storage Medias
Rapidly progressing in the field of Information and Communication Technology, APCO is now synonymous with superior support beyond any doubt. Based on this we are now the trusted provider to various Government and State security agencies, defense departments, ministries. APCO also provides its services and security solutions to number of palaces, corporate in the Oil and gas, as well as in the field of education.

As we continue to grow, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to become a part of our happy family and let us know how we can do better in serving you, and fulfilling our mission to build a secure business environment and becoming the leader in ICT all across IRAQ.