APCO Electronics is one of reputable Iraqi trading firms, and has operations in United Arab Emirates and Iraq. Our company has truly gained & maintained the confidence and trust of first class international companies

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as leading Importers, Stockiest & Suppliers of:

APCO Electronics is the Authorized Distributor for BOSCH products in Iraq, and we have a very good experience in:
All conference system with advanced capabilities like voting, attendance & multi languages distribution.

Supply, install & design the IR language distribution system With a well trained and qualified engineers and technicians we take care of repair & maintenance, after sales and customer support services. Supplying Installing & Commissioning PA sound systems for different buildings like theaters, cinemas, malls & congress rooms. Surveillance System CCTV

  • Ethernet CCTV Solution System
  • Analog CCTV System
  • Telemetry CCTV System ( Pan , tilt , zoom , motorized )
  • Fixed type CCTV System
  • Night Vision CCTV System
  • Infrared CCTV System
  • Dome type CCTV System
  • Multiplexing & Digital Storage System
DYNACORD, Electro-Voice & Yamaha
Design & Acoustical Simulation: with well trained & qualified engineers, APCO Electronics is lonely vendor in the country can give approved simulation & acoustical design for indoor & open area sound systems using most modern techniques in the sound field

Video/ Audio & Broadcasting Equipment: Supply AUDIO/VIDEO equipment and different type of Wire and wireless Microphones, earphones…… etc. We are dealing with the highest reputation companies over the world specialist in this field like.

Musical Equipment: supply musical equipment from Yamaha, as APCO Electronics is the Authorized Distributor of Yamaha Musical Instruments and Audio Equipment in Iraq.

Supply Teaching Laboratories, as APCO is the Authorized Distributer for EDIBON (Spanish Origin).

Storage Media: Distribute all kind of storage media of (imation) like (CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, Flash Disk, External HDD, External DVD, and PC Accessories)

Different types of PC’s and all other Computer parts, where we had fruitful cooperation with famous brand names like Sony, HP, Dell, Acer, and Toshiba.

We also have a wide range of dealers all over Iraq, those dealers are taking the responsibility of reselling all the products to different customers, and at the same time we have a well-trained sales and services engineers on photocopiers, printers, and network, and they are playing a big role in products promoting and offering after sales services.

Project Management
Top Level Management should understand project management is a key strategic tool to drive these initiatives and to gain their business benefits. Organizations that understand the vital importance of excelling at project management, and act upon it, will undoubtedly outperform the competition.

Our goal is to support the cost/benefit analysis to support the organizational governance for the value to be created, and to make it transparent. To create awareness about the need planned processes and to ensure that every part of your team understands why they are doing what they are doing. To initiate the control mechanisms for information security, and to provide project consulting within this scope by presenting a systematic management and auditing method.

APCO additionally offers a variety of consulting support options to cater for all client needs. We ensure fast, efficient and most cost-effective ICT support. APCO Consulting division will advice you with the best course of action to ensure that your problem is resolved as fast as possible.

APCO consulting support sets the right practices to complement your business. With our advice, support and proper framework we ensure you to get your business to the top. Our partnership with each client is built on trust and excellence in performance leading to successful results.

We take great pride in the success of our clients, as it reflects our own success. We consider our Management Support as an important factor and it is what we consistently work hardest on.

After Sales Delivery
After-Sales Delivery Quality, price, and service are three factors to success from the time of purchase right up to delivery and satisfactory installation. Service should be an integral part of any company's strategy from the start. If properly handled, service can be a foundation for growth. Ignored or left to chance, it can cause threat for an organization. Service is the prompt delivery of the product. It is courteous sales personnel and a service manually modified to meet customer's needs and requirements. It is ready access to a service facility. It is knowledgeable, cost-effective maintenance, repair, or replacement. Service is dealer support.

We have our hourly support services that include additional support for development, analysis and installation and can be provided on-site or off-site. In addition, yearly/monthly support services are also available to provide you on-site resources for an extended period.

Do we do Maintenance program?
Yes we are doing Maintenance contract for all the systems we are dealing with.